2015 review – UK wedding photographer & the year that rocked!

2015 review – UK wedding photographer & the year that rocked!

2015 was the year I branched out from just shooting locally to being a UK wedding photographer and it was an unbelievable experience.  Whilst weddings in London and Edinburgh were particular highlights there were also loads of amazing weddings in the North East which included an outdoor ceremony, pizza vans, amazing bands, dogs in bow ties, tears of joy, and people flying in from all over the world to celebrate with their families.  I even spent 2 days on a farm in London with one of the world’s top wedding photographers Sam Hurd to help fine tune and improve my work… it was time and money well spent!

So did the year officially rock because I became a UK wedding photographer?  No, it rocked because I got to work with some of THE nicest people I could ever meet, couples who not only had brilliant weddings but took me in to their lives for such an important day and made me feel like one of their own… every single  wedding fills me with happiness and pride when I look back at the photos, the kind words I received when couples first looked through them even more so.

It’s hard to reflect on such an amazing year, so much happened, so many people brought joy in to my life and I hope I did likewise.  All I know is that looking back on the year I feel blessed beyond belief to have such an amazing job, to have met so many amazing people and to have had the opportunity to capture one of the most important experiences in their lives… 2016 you have a hard job to top 2015, a hard job indeed!

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