Frankie & Jake | Live shoot for a flash photography workshop

Frankie & Jake | Live shoot for a flash photography workshop.

You might have noticed that I have a passion for shooting portraits at night, even the first image on my homepage is a night portrait, the dark most definitely doesn’t scare me – in fact I embrace it!  This hasn’t gone unnoticed and I was asked by one of my former grooms with aspirations of becoming a full time wedding photographer to do a workshop on flash photography, so we headed down to Ouseburn Valley with a lovely couple for a quick live shoot and demo.

I’ve attended many workshops but never actually been the person leading one, usually listening intently to the speaker hoping to gain a new insight in to things, so being the one who had the eyes on them was certainly a new experience!  It was one I really enjoyed though and hope to repeat in the future.  So if you are interested in learning about flash photography give me a shout.

A huge thank you to Frankie and Jake for being terrific models and braving the somewhat chilly April weather!

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