The wonderful story of Sofia and Arthur | Lifestyle family shoot

The wonderful story of Sofia and Arthur | Lifestyle family shoot

Laura and Jonathan are an awesome couple who asked me to photograph their wedding back in 2014, they got in touch recently as since then they’d had not one but two amazing additions to their family, twins Sofia and Arthur… I couldn’t be happier for them.  Being a parent myself I know the joy little ones bring to your life, so twice the joy (and no doubt work!) is something to definitely celebrate.  They grow up so fast that documenting these moments is really important, and after photographing their wedding it was lovely to be back with them again to capture their beautiful twins in their family home.

There is a backstory here to Sofia and Arthur that just brings so much joy to my heart seeing them so happy and healthy, one which must have been incredibly hard for Laura and Jonathan as an introduction to parenting and no doubt a hard introduction to life for their twins.  Sofia and Arthur were born very prematurely and weighed just over one pound each, yes ONE POUND!!!  It must have been a very scary time for all concerned but that made seeing them so happy, healthy and full of life at 8 months old even more brilliant.  It may have been a tough start to family life but they are definitely a fantastic family unit.  Laura and Jonathan are awesome parents who would do anything for their twins, and whilst things started off a bit on the rocky side for Sofia and Arthur they definitely have a happy and much loved future ahead of them.


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