Sam & Gareth’s garden party wedding at Horton Grange

Sam & Gareth | Horton Grange wedding

How much I LOVE Sam & Gareth really can’t be put in to words in just a few lines of text, they had THE most lovely, chilled and relaxed garden party, boho-chic Horton Grange wedding imaginable… I mean what could be better then awesome people all hanging out in the sunshine, drinking, celebrating and just having an epic time?  This was one of those weddings where there were no real plans or schedule (other than the key things like the ceremony of course), just people chilling out, chatting, having fun and celebrating.  Quite possibly one of THE most chilled out weddings I’ve ever shot.

Sam & Gareth said their vows in the bandstand outside, beautifully decorated and so many little touches had been added to make their ceremony feel really special, then it was time for the chilled vibe to kick in and everyone had a brilliant time in the gorgeous grounds at Horton Grange.  Nearby there’s a cornfield, not easy to get in to but thanks to a very willing bride and groom we ended up in the middle of it for some really romantic portraits.

A Horton Grange wedding can come in many shapes and sizes as it’s a really versatile venue, Sam and Gareth had an intimate but still extremely fun vibe to the day with under 50 guests making it extremely personal, this really showed in all aspects of the day from the bridal prep with Sam’s bridesmaids all helping keep her calm through to the night time where the dance floor saw some interesting and quirky dance moves being thrown (in a good way!).  It was as I said at the start, THE most lovely, chilled and relaxed garden party, boho-chic Horton Grange wedding imaginable.  Thank you to Sam & Gareth for being total stars, treating me like a guest all day and for climbing in to cornfields all in the sake of art!

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