Celebrating my 100th wedding!!!

My 100th wedding as a photographer!

There are always significant milestones in everyone’s careers, as a photographer I’ve had plenty!  My first wedding, my first award, quitting the day job and going full time, and more recently my 100th wedding as a photographer!  Truth be told it passed by without me realising, it was only when I added them all up recently I realised I was now past the century mark and had been for a while!  It’s good to reflect on your weddings and all the amazing times you’ve shared with amazing people, so I spent a bit of time doing that after Xmas and discovered the wonderful fact that I was now in to my second of what will hopefully be many hundreds of weddings I’ll shoot in my lifetime.

Lauren & Kevin’s wedding was already VERY special, such lovely people getting married in Lake Como, which was another milestone in my career as it was my first destination wedding.  I’m so happy that they were also my 100th wedding making it even more of a memorable occasion.  A huge thank you to them for making me so welcome on their day and looking after me so well over there.  Most importantly a MASSIVE thank you to all of my previous wedding couples for letting me in to your lives and trusting me with such an important day.

I look forward to each and every one of the next 100 weddings, I wish I could share all of the past 100 something weddings but it would be such a crazily big blog post!  So instead here was my 100th…

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